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I started filling out this Brawl quiz thing ages ago, and completely forgot about it until just now. Stolen from Klobber and/or Mark, apparently.

Who is your primary character so far?
Donkey Kong, as always.

Diddy and Pikachu.

Character just for fun, not competitive play?
Donkey and Diddy, I guess.

Favorite series in which a character was used for Brawl?
Donkey Kong Country.

If you could add one character from another Nintendo game, who would it be?
Kururin from Kurukuru Kururin. His moves would probably consist of a lot of spinning, with special moves based on the other Helirins from Kururin Squash. Also, Puck from Galactic Pinball Assist Trophy.

If you could add one character from any other video game ever, who would it be?
Mega Man.

If you could add/change one thing about an existing character, what would it be?
Give Donkey Kong a Final Smash that isn't so stupid and useless. Like a Landmaster.

Coolest looking character?
Probably the Kongs when DK isn't using his Final Smash.

Worst looking character?
Wario. The models look as great as the others, but what's up with the choppy animation?

Biggest let-down character?
Wolf. Do we really need three Star Fox characters who play almost exactly the same? Toon Link is a close second, what with Not Toon Link already being in the game.

'Cheapest' character?
Pit's Forward+B and Ivysaur's standard B can be really cheap if you get your opponent in the right spot.

Best looking effects/weapons?
The Smart Bomb explosion.

Favorite Final Smash?
I don't know; I like pretty much all of them except...

Dumbest Final Smash?
Peach, though I hate DK's more because he's my main.

Best outfit?
Goggle Pikachu, one of the only two alternate outfits I use (the other being classic Wario).

Favorite stage?
I like them all except for Rumble Falls, and not just because it's based on Jungle Beat. And 75m and Mario Bros. suffer from a bit of Mario Kart syndrome, in that all the obstacles can make multiplayer games fun and unpredictable, but single-player can be annoying.

Favorite boss in the Subspace Emissary?
Ridley. It's like they took the fight from Super Metroid and stuck it in Smash Bros. (in a good way).

What did you think of the Subspace Emissary?
Easily the best single-player mode in a Smash Bros. game. I even liked the Great Maze, though it probably would have been better as a separate mode or something. It would have made the recycled levels less annoying.

Did you get it at midnight release?

Did you dress up as any of the characters?
God, no.

Did you get a Japanese Wii and game to play it early?
At least $300 and a minor language barrier just to play a game a month or so early? I'll pass.

Do you use the Wiimote or the Gamecube controllers?
GameCube controller. I never got used to any of the others.

I'm bored.
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