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I wonder how many tags I can have...
Tags: "weird al" yankovic, "weird al" yankovic in 3-d, ..., 27, 4-8-15-16-23-42, a capella, a hard day's night, abbey road, about, abundant, accompany, accordions, advertisement, after, agnostic, akimbo, alapalooza, albuquerque, all things must pass, already, animal buddy, antidisestablishmentarianism, apostrophe, applause, applied, apprehensive, aqua, arrested development, assuming, atomic tangerine, attention grabbing interest names, awkward, backwards, bad 80s music, bad hair day, banjo-kazooie, beatles, beatles for sale, beautiful katamari, below, big bumpin', bionic, blonde on blonde, blue, boss, bothering karla, brain, broke, brother bear, bubblegum, burning questions, capital letters, center, character map, chimney-sweep, claws, clear, cleverly, clockwise, coffee, communique, concubine, conker, conker's bad fur day, controvert, cool, cow, creamy, crouch, crush, damn, damn skippy, dare to be stupid, dead or alive 4, dethrone, dial-a-song: 20 years of tmbg, diddy kong, dinosaurchestra, distraction, dollar, domino, donkey kong barrel blast, donkey kong country, donkey kong land, drip, drone, dust-bunny, earmuff, elephant, eleven, ellipses, elusive, elvis and slick monty, enemy, engineer, entanglement, entertain, even worse, everything, existential, explode, extra, face, fall, father, feather, fight, file two productions, fingernail, flames, flight, floccinaucinihilipilification, flouncy, force, forty licks, freak, freezer, galactic pinball, gentle, gentlemanly, gold, goodbye, goodbye yellow brick road, grabbed by the ghoulies, green porn city, groupie, guillotine, guitar hero ii, gymnastic, halo 3, hatred, helium, help!, hilarious, hip to the javabean, holiday, homestar runner, hot magenta, hula, human, hurt, imagine, immortal monkey, impostor, indestructible object, inside, inside jokes, jade, james k. polk, jellyfish, jettison, jungle, jungle green, kameo: elements of power, katamari fortissimo damacy, king, kingdom hearts, kong, kong family helper, kurukuru kururin, lasagna, laser lemon, led zeppelin iv, lego star wars ii: the original trilogy, lemon demon, let it be, letter, lickety-split, licorice, lobsters, lost, love, luminary, magical mystery tour, magical mystery tours, mario strikers charged, marvel ultimate alliance, maybe, mechanical, medical, mellow, melt, meringue, metaphorically, midnight blue, milk, million, mindless idiot who asks for your help, mister, monocle, monorail, mortal kombat armageddon, motorcycle, mr. pants, murderous, my, neil cicierega, nested, never, nightly, no, no hoper, not masturbating, off the deep end, okay, omelet, opera, oppressive, outrageous orange, over, oxymoron, pale, paleobotanical, panicky, paranoia, parasol, past masters volume 1, past masters volume 2, pelican, perfect dark zero, periscope, pining, pissing off co-workers, pissing off mark :(, plastic, platypus, play, playing, please please me, pocketbike racer, polka party, polyurethane, poodle hat, porridge, potter puppet pals, prance, psychedelic, purple mountain majesty, purple pizazz, putting things on notice, quickly, quoting star fox, radical red, raisin, random crap, rareware, rathskeller, razzle-dazzle rose, reality, rectangular, redundant, remorse, revolver, ringo, robin's egg blue, robust, rubber soul, ruby, running with scissors, sauntering, sawdust, screamin' green, scrumptious, segways, semiautomatic, serenade, sever, sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band, shamrock, silly, sketching, skullduggery, sky blue, slacks, sly, smile, smoke, sneak king, sneer, south park, space, spidery, spoil, spoon, sporks, stalking, staple-gun, straight outta lynwood, suitcase, super nes, super paper mario, television, terrible, the beatles, the dku, the else, the platinum collection, the spine, the traveling wilburys collection, therapy, they might be giants, through, tippecanoe and tyler too, tongue, toy, truth, uhf, uncle, underneath, undressing, unibrow, unsophisticated, uprise, various, velocity, video game hero, video games, violin, virtual boy, vitamin, viva piñata, vivid violet, wall, wario ware: smooth moves, wax, way, weird, weird al, while, who, who's next, why, wii sports, wild watermelon, wine, wish, with the beatles, word disassociation, yellow, yellow shirt guy
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